Finally... a Simple,Efficient, and Safe Way to Evenly Distribute Reinforcement Fibers into Concrete!

Whether you are using glass, steel, synthetic or natural fibers to reinforce your concrete one thing remains the same. If you are manually dosing concrete by hand is it is an extremely time consuming process and overall a just huge pain. Someone is going to have to waste a large portion of their day standing in an unsafe position and tossing handful after handful after handful of fibers into the back of the mixer... Think about how much time and money you are wasting on this painstaking task? 

With the Dose 'n go this is no longer a concern 

  • On site and self contained dosing machine 
  • Efficiently and accurately incorporate fiber reinforcement 
  • Safely load fibers from ground level instead of 
  • Load 45 lbs. of fiber in 30 - 40 seconds