Our Story

The Helix steel fiber reinforcement made a lot of sense to use.  What didn't make sense was the fact there was no user friendly way to dose this material.  In the process of building a home that has steel fiber reinforcement in the foundation, ICF walls and all slabs, I soon realized why fiber reinforcement isn't more widely used. It was an incredibly time consuming and tedious process!   Dosing fiber reinforcement had to be made convenient and safe if it was ever going to become a mainstream reinforcement solution. 

"There has got to be a better way!"

Pajco Technologies is all about solutions!  We thought the idea of fiber reinforcement promoted a much better concrete slab. So much so that Pajco decided to promote and sell fiber reinforcement ourselves.

If we were going to be successful, there needed to be a safe, economical, and effective way of evenly dosing fibers into cement mixing chambers.


After considerable research and development Pajco Technologies has available the much needed piece of equipment that makes reinforcement fibers easy to use and to sell.

Pajco Tech introduces to you the Dose-N-Go.  Have a look!

Isn't she a beauty!? 

Isn't she a beauty!?