• Always use eye protection, hearing protection, and wear gloves when handling steel fiber.

• NEVER insert your hand or any tool into the tumbling drum area when machine is turned on.

• If you experience a jamb with the machine, turn off the engine before servicing.

• Always have the delivery nozzle end of the tube extended into a ready mix truck when blowing any reinforcement product through the machine.


• Run the engine at full throttle when tumbling and blowing reinforcement products.

• Always engage the tumbler drum and visually confirm it is rotating before putting any
reinforcement products into the chute.

• NEVER push reinforcement products into the tumbler at a rate faster that it can accept, as this
may cause a build up between the left housing wall and the tumbler drum. This will cause the
machine to stall and the fuse to pop.

• The machine has its own comfort rate of about 45 lbs in 30 - 40 seconds. Let it do its job and
don't be in a rush to overfeed it.

• Spare 20 amp fuses are included and secured next to the steel box below the tumbler.

• Observe the reinforcement product flow as it's coming out of the tumbler drum and into the
square air flow tube below. Overzealous feeding can cause this area to back-up. Using
caution, you may reach into this area and "fluff" up the reinforcement product to allow it to
flow through freely.

• If you get a clog between the drum and the housing, shut the engine off, then use a flat
screwdriver or small, bent-blade pry bar to clear the reinforcement product clog.

• As the truck is backing up to the machine, simultaneously lower the discharge tube. Reverse
this procedure as the truck pulls away.

• On the first load or two, have someone looking into the charge hopper on the ready
mix truck to make sure it's going in a constant stream.

• Detach side Plexiglas window and clean the slide surface if reinforcement product hesitates
to slide. Debris and lubricant may build up over time and create a jam at the throat of the

• For best mixing and distribution results, make sure the half scoop at the end of the discharge
tube is positioned to blow into the middle of the truck mixing drum.

• If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safe operation of this machinery, please
contact your PAJCo representative or PAJCo direct before use.